Uncover The Keys To Health


Reset Your Body

Uncover The Keys To Health


Reset Your Body

Imagine being refreshed and energized all day so that you can live life fully.

Imagine being unstoppable with no chronic pain, no headache, and no brain fog.

Imagine unwavering confidence after loosing that stubborn weight.

Imagine becoming the badass you always knew was inside you.

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Questions & Answer

"Your Labs Look Normal". But You Feel Anything BUT Normal...

Your doctor tells you that there’s nothing he can do to help because your labs are all “normal”, within expected range, look great! 

Except you don’t feel great, and whatever those labs are showing to your doctor, they don’t even come close to telling the picture of what you feel on the inside.

"If Only Someone Would Listen"

If only someone would dig deeper. You know there is something… off. To figure out how “normal labs” can leave you feeling so unwell. If only someone would actually try to help you solve the mystery of why you struggle to get through a day, only to crash in bed and start all over again in the morning. 

That's Where I Come In.

I delve deep into your “normal labs”. As an expert in functional lab analysis, I can help you make sense of what your body is telling us in your labs. A customized personal health (PHP) plan can then be developed help you begin to move beyond just getting a diagnosis and into the freedom of healing. 

Alexi Silance, DNM, AuD

Alexi is a natural health practitioner, functional lab specialist, and a licensed audiologist. She also holds various certifications including: health and wellness coach, HeartMath, Bio-Well, and Genius Biofeedback practitioner, Buteyko Breathing practitioner.

After struggling with various autoimmune issues shortly after the birth of her second child, she became dedicated to living a healthier, holistic lifestyle. No long on medication of any sort, Alexi has healed herself of cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto’s.

Understanding the toll that chronic illness takes on the body, mind and spirit, Alexi is dedicated to helping others find their vitality and wellness. Each person can and should live their life to the fullest. No disease should ever define a person.

What People Are Saying

“Dr. Silance is a lifesaver!”

“I have been sick for years. Dr. Silance was the first person to really listen to me and to figure out what was wrong. My doctors kept throwing pills at me. My brain fog and pain never got better. Not until I meet Dr. Silance. Dr. Silance is a lifesaver! She made everything seem so simple. I don’t understand why my doctors couldn’t do this. Thank you Dr. Silance.”

Pamela S.

“All I can say is wow. I am 3 months into my 6 month program and my life has changed completely . I now sleep through the night. My energy is better. My bowel movements are normal. Things were bad but I had no idea how bad they were. Following Dr. Silance’s recommendations has made a huge difference in my life. Even my husband has noticed.”

Katie B.

“I have dealt a lot of doctors through the years. Most just treated my symptoms, usually with medication. A friend who worked with Dr. Silance recommended I consult with her. I figured what did I have to lose? I knew within a few minutes that Dr. Silance was different. She listened to my concerns, reviewed my labs, and recommended a plan to help me heal. She knew the underlying reason I wasn’t getting better. When traditional medicine failed Dr. Silance came to the rescue. And, the
supplements are amazing and all natural too. They sure pack a punch.”

Dennis B.

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Your diagnosis is not you! You can regain health despite the diagnosis.

The key is in lab work you already have!

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Just real answers, real healing, and real hope!

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